One of my highest profile projects was launching the Playstation3 on Sony’s official online store in 2006. I was 24 when I launched the PS3 and was already 2 years into my career at Sony. My project manager assigned me the ps3 product and I was so excited about it, it was the hottest product line Sony created, and the Playstation is the best selling Sony product in the history of the company. Fast forward to November 2013 and the official count of PS3’s sold were over 80 million – and for me to be the one to launch that product on the official Sony website and consumer site was an honor. But that honor came with a list of challenges.

The project consisted of taking raw specifications and turning them into consumer friendly content for This was something I was used to accomplishing as I was already the lead for the TV & Home Entertainment section of SonyStyle.


One thing that was unique about the PS3 project, was I did not receive any images along with the raw specifications. I literally had to comb the internet for images of the PS3 and its included controller. The reason I was not sent any images was the amount of secrecy of the new PlayStation3 – Playstation and Sony are treated like separate companies and the Playstation company did not let anyone get the official images of the gaming console, even Sony’s official consumer website,!

Gathering the images was the first problem, now finding the actual specifications for the hardware were next. The specifications I received did not have the specs of the highly touted Cell-microprocessor – it simply had a blank text box next to the “Processor” field. Again, I had to comb the internet for any information I could get on the PS3… yes, I was creating this product page for the official Sony consumer website, and yes – the information was gathered by random fan boy forums, gadget blog leaks and social media posts.

The last challenge is a common issue faced in most projects, time. I only had 2 weeks to gather the mission assets needed to launch the product, write all the copy needed – both a long and short description, and get everything QA’d, and ready to be pushed live.

Lets Recap the challenges with launching the PS3:

  • No Product Shots
  • Incomplete Specifications
  • Tight Deadline

Regardless of any challenges, the product was really exciting to work on. I was one of the first to learn about the highly anticipated gaming console, and learn about new technologies like Blu-Ray, Cell-Microprocessor, and motion sensing controllers. The launch went smoothly, and I am still honored to be responsible for launching the high profile PS3.